Opt for Thinner Hangers

This seems like a simple step but you’d be surprised how much space your hangers take up. If you’re using thick wooden hangers or plastic hangers, chances are that you aren’t using your space to its potential.

Instead, buy thin “space saver” hangers, like flat wooden ones with velvet coating. They’ll let you keep your luxury look without sacrificing space. Keep in mind, however, that heavy items like men’s suits and some formal gowns may be too heavy. Keep a few wooden hangers in case you need them for these items.

Add an Extra Storage Space

Let’s say you have a sizable bedroom but you’re running low on closet space. One of the hottest interior design trends is to add a structured storage space.

These units look like large sets of shelves, but they have doors on the front to keep the clutter under wraps. You can turn it into a design element as well by adding some decor on top. These units come in plenty of styles from rustic to modern so you can make it look like a natural part of your home.

Invest in a Space-Saving Shoe Storage Option

Shoes are one of the worst space-wasters in most closets. You don’t want to stack them on top of each other, but many shoe storage racks take up too much space. Sell Your House Fast Des Plaines

Look for options with slanted cubbies so your heels don’t take up more space than necessary. You’ll find these choices in a number of shapes, like a vertical column or a shorter horizontal rack. Choose the layout that best fits your available space.

Add a Sliding Jewelry Rack

If you’re struggling to make room for jewelry boxes or a jewelry armoire, you’re not alone. Getting creative can clear up space while leaving all your jewelry easy to access.

Try a vertical wooden rack that slides into place. Picture a sideways sliding door with hooks and pockets on the sides. When you slide it in, it aligns with your items and all you see is a few inches of a wooden panel. When you slide it out, you can browse your jewelry on both sides.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You might be surprised how much you can fit on the top shelf of your closet. Many luxury homes have nine-foot ceilings or higher, and you can use all that extra space. This is a perfect place for those baskets and containers we mentioned above.

If you want a classy, expensive look for your home, you can install a sliding ladder reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. If not, reserve the top shelf for items you rarely use like holiday decor or memorabilia boxes. For closets with minimal shelving, don’t be afraid to install an extra shelf at the top of the closet.

Turn Suitcases into Extra Storage

Let’s say you’re storing your suitcases in your closet. Suitcases are built for storing items, so why not use them that way?

Chances are that you only use your suitcases a few times each year. For the rest of the year, place your out of season items inside. If you have a set of suitcases in different sizes, put the smaller ones inside the larger ones like Russian nesting dolls. You can even use the space inside the smaller suitcases in this case.

Buy a Tie Rack or Belt Rack

Ties and belts are notorious for being difficult to organize in minimal space. The good news is that some manufacturers are finding solutions.

Look for a tie rack or belt rack that retracts or rotates to save space. You can use a similar rack to the jewelry rack we described above. You could also choose rotating rack that lets you browse all your style options. Some of these racks are electronic for convenient access.

Arrange Your Hanging Clothes by Length

Chances are that you’re passing up storage space at the bottom of your closet. Organize your clothes by length so all your longer items are together. This lets you see space under your shorter items so you can place a rack or containers below them.

As an added bonus, this gives your clothes a cool interior design element because they’ll form a diagonal line.

Look for Multifunctional Furniture

If you need to add storage space, make your furniture work harder for you by finding pieces with extra storage. For instance, if you want a dressing bench in your closet, look for one that opens up to storage space inside.

You can also find storage furniture outside your closet to hold extra items. Look for an end table where you can store your socks or your accessories. Get a cushioned bench for the foot of your bed or elsewhere in your bedroom that offers storage.

Add Drawers

Drawers are among the most underrated items in closet organization. They provide space for “clutter fodder” (AKA small items) while keeping a clean, straight look.

Depending on how many drawers you want, you can install a small stack of drawers that matches your closet design. If you only want a drawer or two, look for drawers that attach to the underside of existing shelves.

Organize Your Clothes by Color

Most of the tips above focus on giving you more storage space. However, another common reason to organize your closet is to make it look less cluttered. If the look is your main objective, try this trick.

Organize your clothing by color. Start with white items and progress to tan, yellow, orange, red, and so on. This makes your closet look more organized and as a result, it makes it look less cluttered.

Having an Organized Closet with Minimal Space

If you’ve invested in a luxury home, the last thing you want to do is make it look cheap with your design choices. Clutter is one of the fastest ways to make a home look less high-end, and closets are among the worst culprits.

The tips above can help you maximize closet space in even the smallest closet. Between giving your home a more luxurious, clean look while making all your items easier to access, these closet organization hacks are a win-win.

If you’ve reached maximum capacity and it’s time to look for a larger home, we still have you covered. Reach out to our experts in luxury real estate who can help you find your new dream home.